These three words in the society of their context and meaning of each other at approximately the same despite the fact that someone out society parsing by subjecting by themselves they create these three words on the confusion by creating unfortunately society ayrışıtırılıp, yabancılaştırılarak from each other removed polarized been.
I that dissociates polarization remedy and never for lack of these three words mean and meaning of their bildiklerim extent reassessed hold in the mind which separates society reunite to fuse these three words mean and meaning you re-explain and inform the community wanted to. I hope that makes a positive work in this direction, in the minds of disgruntled community members who’d be reconciled with each other.
Civilization; Civilizing, scroll step is to save.
Relationship; şehirlileş of human civilization is adapting to life. Living is sustained progress. So, in community life by adapting rights, legal framework and living in when we lived was obtained in everything Exploiting scroll of progress, whether to bilateral relations, in wants in the community social life, other relations and development record, whether in person continuously thinner, grace, changed şehirlileşip from everybody go one step ahead, knowing when to take advantage of all the gains of the state. Matured in the real sense and meaning is to be human. Live and to defend and protect human rights and the law. Is to lead. While leading the way on behalf of the rights and the law, is to be close to the Right.
In the civilized human civilization; Everyone deserves the name, and know its like a see. In this sense, there is live in the community of accuracy, honesty, and without deviating from adalett lives. Everyone as their own, as members of society a valuable see and know, is the right riyaet law. Everyone deserves an equal distance against the stops. Extent possible, with everyone cooperates. Ramada leads cooperates. Kabris and live a life free from arrogance. Güzelleştirip career of living the life he lived, knows the magnification share.
Thus civilization; Adapting to the times we live, is to record the milestone. In other words, not civilized, age is jumping.
So, civilization, modernity and civilization; That could benefit ourselves and the community to make every job in the society we live in and our duty to fulfill our responsibility to know whether this is within the ICT. Whether our duties and responsibilities, fulfillment, has lived in service to us whether we live in the society of others to live without forgetting that they exist; civilized means to be modern and civilized.
So the meaning of these three words and meaning; No work for the benefit of society is not no time chore, every job is not to do the work of one and the awareness that the absolute value of live, work and to produce. Again, in this context, and whether the fulfillment of our business, our head of one without the need to stop constantly checking us live and alive is to know.
Civilization, modernity and civilization; Who are free to read and learn with mental willpower, self gelişitr we will create our sense of awareness that will occur with our conscience and moral, beautiful living within the bounds of human values, survival is the name.
For this, in the society we live in, everyone’s personality rights, law and the maintenance and freer life in an advanced level to be able to achieve, to work hard effort göztererek share together is to live a life of her husband. Humanity and our future in the name as much as possible, everyone on the existence and way of life mingled with the intervention, without each other folded to be patient, tahammmül whether living together, sevmesek to show respect is to know, civilized and modern living, to be civilized.
Relationship; civilizing, scroll, save steps, şehirlileş to live humanely.
Contemporary; people living in the same time zone.
Modernity; Age, adaptable, have uyumsallaş, age or in the age when the person leading milestone save. Or live in an era in which most of their peers take advantage worldly and wisdom, not ahead, of leading.
Civilized; When we lived adapt to.
Civilization; obtained in history won and all the material and spiritual values, and other times by raising the bar they managed to benefit from the best of those degrees is saving milestone.
Rules and laws of the people who love each other respect and valuing the right to use fear from Allah is the name of cohabitation, civilization.
In this context, God creates man, will live. They did not know they lived in the teaches. Know what learners humane living presence Rights, on behalf of Hakka ‘close as assets to pursue every one called world space from each other in different shapes and forms, even though the halo that slid erginleşip maturation to ensure that each entity with its own within the asset in the fight of course keeps finishing it would. Then finishing with the other assets of the asset in the struggle for life with each other at the point of finishing Kemal whether erginleşip provides maturation.
Erginleşip maturing people have continuously lived in for a good life is more prosperous and the world will enrich himself with the world continuously scroll matures.
So, scroll to mature civilization, advancing time medenileşip adapt, modernize, is constantly renewed. There is a need to have innovation in continuous time. Where civilization stopped because it does not occur. History can not be rewritten in rhyme.
Civilizations throughout human history, all of the values ​​are obtained. Konulup above the top down through the generations experienced internalized collective way of life. Time is a form of advanced life in the spirit. Rights, law and justice, according to the civic life of the city is fine.
Civilization evolved and matured in history of mankind culturally accurate, in honesty, goodness, beauty, rights, law, justice is a way of life that compete with each other.
Civilization, reconcile and understand the agreement, the lawful share of people in yardımlaşıp win another example of that way of life.
In compassion, tolerance, the affection, the kindness, the grace, the delicacy, politeness of the people living in the same society in these beauties show each other their civilization tolerant way of life.
Individual rights, law maintained and ensuring freedom, human dignity is valorized and viable civilization pioneered the lifestyle.
Civilization; education, the education in moral, ethical life, the customs, the quantity, traditions, the customs, the rights, law, justice, religion also thought, well, conscience, philosophy, aesthetics, life, art in the cultural life of self hissettirip showing
  in short, was living in all layers of society in the entire material and spiritual values ​​of the chain of residence in the community created and kept alive qualifications preserving and prolonging played a role in continuously recovered and obtained all of these values ​​on a global scale created and sustained value is enhanced, and the world’s prosperous whether güzelleştirilerek human life is the common name of civilization.
Called civilization contemporary civilization or, in short, humanity has achieved so far from any kind of development nasiplenip mentally and intellectually, utilized a collective way of life.
Called civilization civilization or modernity; People living in the same space and time ignoring each other to live alone, not forgetting humanity, creation similar to each other, which is the common life of people adapt to each other.
In short, civilization; In the same time period in the same world, the same people who dwelled are noticing each other, recognize and are living together.
Loveless societies are societies who do not trust each other.
What’s in a loveless society, civilization, nor modernity, civilization, nor will occur.