From history,
Fluctuate with pride.
Oh! Coy crescent.
The glorious flag.

You’re my,
From history,
Anli, glorious my honor,
My honor, you honor.

Blue sky, you’re thrown.
Taken from the Atlas of red.
Let the world hello.
The Moon and star.

Are independent in the world,
With honor and dignity
Independent thumbs up.
I cherished nation.

O glorious flag,
Me, and for you.
Both to the sky,

As long as you hold on.
‘re Fading of color.
What’s the sun in the sky,
Nor against the enemy in place.

O glorious flag,
In this beloved motherland,
From me to you,
Good for you.
My blood.
I gave the lives of thousands.


Cahit Karachi