Significant and meaningful beautiful lyrics

• Justice is always necessary for everyone. Because people will always be able to obtain justice knows how to have power and strength.

• injustice in the world, injustice brings the end of humanity.

• Wash confidence in justice is injustice done, the conscience of the wing, Hakka ‘based on the belief that destroys demolished.

• Man, that guy is mind, shrink, enlarge is the question.

• It is almond Adam anyway. Because both the essence and the shell, inside and outside is one.

• Big, strong and courageous people will always forgive and forgiving. Small, weak and cowardly humans always malevolent, hatred aimed at making become.

• Tree bark, protects people riverbank shoddy.

• Tree service done to him at least, human beings are the only creatures that respond most to whether it serves.

• from the bark of the tree’s age, age of the animal from the teeth, bones of people from age to understand.

• Oral place face is ashamed, embarrassed look tells languages.

• Have won Mouth eating habit? Insatiable stomach.

• The emergence of oral promise not to betray.

• The most honorable voice out of our mouth, is the voice of conscience. Because it is directed to the Right.

• Good moral mirror of the heart, conscience is the medal.

• Morality lamps, similar to light when contamination is lost.

• Fine morality, that could benefit ourselves or society showing the ability to make all the beauty the beauty of nature, universal human values ​​obtained to the extent recovered and beauty of nature is clad in personality and character traits.
Poet, philosopher and author
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