Cahit Karaç


These three words in the society of their context and meaning of each other at approximately the same despite the fact that someone out society parsing by subjecting by themselves they create these three words on the confusion by creating unfortunately society ayrışıtırılıp, yabancılaştırılarak from each other removed polarized been.
I that dissociates polarization remedy and never for lack of these three words mean and meaning of their bildiklerim extent reassessed hold in the mind which separates society reunite to fuse these three words mean and meaning you re-explain and inform the community wanted to. I hope that makes a positive work in this direction, in the minds of disgruntled community members who’d be reconciled with each other.
Civilization; Civilizing, scroll step is to save.
Relationship; şehirlileş of human civilization is adapting to life. Living is sustained progress. So, in community life by adapting rights…

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