In a country governed republic, the head of the Republic before everything was complete compliance with the legislation and regulations must be one. After enough information, education and culture, equipped, knows how to use language well, standing at an equal distance to all citizens, the country has the ability to love and someone who should be represented.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the republic and his friends defend their exchange rates with the basic philosophy of the republic, resulting in all conditions, protect it, and watch the mind and the courage to be someone who can.
The country’s modern world, scroll capture, and more improvement in the competition, enrich and strengthen the welfare of the people work hard to strive to be one way to attain.
In short republic accept the lifestyle to this day remained loyal to him internalize the self-reassuring status and apply his own life through the motions with family photos that we used should be one that shows the suitability of the republic.
Authority will be sitting in the show ring being spoiled decisions with modest demeanor and won the trust and love of the people, whether crown on the head, even after the task, unutulmayıp someone to love and be counted.
To protect the survival of the state, the judiciary itself has adopted motto that respects the values ​​should be one. Will take appropriate and lawful in all decision rights must be one that will move.
Always righteous intention, the right way, virtuous, hands and feet smooth, clean history, a promising future with a certain path trace, one must be smooth and friendly.
Everything I know the mood away from the stop, the constitutional framework itself of the right recognized in the use of the rights of others and the law without encroaching on the legal framework stopped and the flow of events and the course to follow and unnecessary interventions aloof to be one. Give confidence to everyone, with confidence.
Against the people away from pride and arrogance, honorable life in a short time the whole world will gain the reputation of the nation-wide to be one.
Honor and dignity of the State, their honor and dignity, as well as a sighted; Country, nation, flag-loving, vested with all the values ​​of the republic, which had not protect protect him go, who to glorify effort, no power, you have to be one and not bow to threats.
Citizens of the homeland with a swath of land a drop of blood from your own flesh and blood should be someone who knows the saints. Correspondingly, in any condition steadfastness protect the side of peace, but also to protect our independence defend until the end of wisdom, knowledge, and have the courage to be one.
Of our country, the ring of fire surrounded by a region considered to be in the still, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles and reforms with to this day preserved and kept alive the republic all the gains and values ​​the then owner, assuming, preserved and kept alive who knew how to be one.
However, correspondingly, all neighboring and other states in the mutual relations constantly own our state interests in consideration and a stable structure to move to protocol suitable living must be one, the country’s interests while maintaining at the same time peaceful and Atatürk; “Peace at home, peace in the world” is the one you had to preserve the principle of independence.
Our country’s development, strengthening our economy, primarily to increase the prosperity of our people richer and take advantage of our own internal resources and without damages, then our independence from the sophistication and resources to take advantage of all of the world should be the one who knows.
The country’s economy, education, training, culture, art and craft, the industry, industrialists, investing native, the foreign, the students studying in, read the teacher, serve and producing villagers farmers, city dwellers, the banker, the financier, the author, illustrator to the short, every sector of society, the leadership with respect to each delegate acts and caring attitude, whether that support should be one. In this context, forget about being elected, no one belittle the work done, it is true that there is a right to see and insulting contempt should be someone who is the perception.
The head of the Republic, even though the president; selected, the option can not be larger than never. However, his great and mighty occurs is because of the people selected by favor. Option in the legal framework of the task whether it is from the installation responsibilities. Head of state and authorities received from the strong legal framework at the state manages and authority to represent the results from someone who knows that he must be, against the people caring and tolerant attitude state within the managing authority deserves the universal ethical values ​​create placing permanency which must be one.
Want to external political relations with our neighbors in the subject, whether economic or cultural, or social, or get in the mutual relations in other fields; do have the ability to do business ethically be one. Even neighborly relations more developed and mature to win according to law with the provision of emergency situations with our neighbors exaggeration in moderation yardımlaşıp culture of solidarity has to be one that would not happen, the security weakness due to the enemies create, arms dealers countries with resources in vain spending should.
Republic, democracy, secularism, human rights, law and justice, religion and belief to all ethical and moral values ​​and ideas must be someone who is extremely respectful.
All over the country, every citizen (survival of the state for all kinds of terror, except) the customs, customs, traditions, customs experience tolerates you to look at them, even if each one himself elected president have a say in that there was no time to know and forget to be one. Voters always like their own citizens who have every right, someone who knows how to treat others as first-class citizens should be. See them all as his own, one knows one should be. I’m no distinction between gay citizens from the patch to embrace all wrapped as head of the Republic must be someone who knows. From hatred, from hatred must be someone who is always away. Everyone in this country as a son, seeing their Afflictions dertlenip, joy, only that rejoices, with the suffering acılanıp, his best symbolic, though in each the joy of sharing and zooming, grief share shrink someone who knows how to be.
From Fairness, kindness, grace, from the nobility, all terms and conditions of humanity, no matter where in the world, (excluding degrading treatment) without compromising the show each person should know. No act rude insults, shattering the dignity should not hurt.
Currently, these are all without discrimination, should stay away. Turkey living under the roof (which, except treason) to merge and consolidate all citizens should know that embracing those who loved him enough attention and compliments from citizens, seeing you’re loved and counted.
 Firstly, gave credence to the whole world after its own people, in a cautious way trust must be someone who knows how to live hear.
He is first and foremost a good man should be the head of the Republic. Which is a good person, and would deserve to be a good president.